Boys Under 17/18 2001/2000

1Sarnia FC B00T115122164115338
2Byron NorWest Yellow B01T115103244143033
3Sarnia FC B01T11482444192526
4LAC Spartans B00T2147164134722
5Woodstock Stallions B00T11530122362-399
6Woodstock Stallions B01T2150015783-760

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1Devin DEVOOGHTSarnia FC B00T118
2Bimal TAMANGLAC Spartans B00T212
3Kurt NOSZENKOSarnia FC B00T19
4Joshua MARINByron NorWest Yellow B01T18
5Bayly FRYFOGLESarnia FC B01T17
6Chris HARWOODSarnia FC B00T17
7Dean Jason SKONIECZNYByron NorWest Yellow B01T17
8Devyn JANSSENSWoodstock Stallions B00T17
9Juan GALINDOSarnia FC B00T17
10Samuel DI GIROLAMOByron NorWest Yellow B01T17

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Owen SMITHByron NorWest Yellow B01T18
2Dawson YOUNGSarnia FC B00T15
3Cameron LACROIXSarnia FC B01T13
4Budha TAMANGLAC Spartans B00T22
5Garrett MACROBBIESarnia FC B01T11
6Jackson HAYTERSarnia FC B00T11
7Mon GURUNGLAC Spartans B00T21
8Stevie SCHAEFERSarnia FC B01T11

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Boys Under 17/18 2001/2000


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